Who are you?

Have you ever really asked yourself that? Chances are No. Because the world just tells you. I’ve been a farmer, cowboy, biker, construction worker, entrepreneur, business owner, salesman, father, asshole, photographer, videographer, musician, husband, preachers kid, and much more. When I typed all that out I couldn’t help but realize I was almost the Village... Continue Reading →

Dejavue?? Or however you spell it.

Dejavue... Ever heard of it? That feeling that you’ve been in the exact same spot at a different time. Like in a different life maybe. Like the time is a literal replay on ESPN of that last touchdown. Yeah. I think that I get that every year around this time. It’s dark at 5:30 pm,... Continue Reading →

I love you

The sun streams through the window screens. As your feet hit the floor, the carpet almost massages your feet that are feeling fresh and alive. You can feel the temperature changing as you pass from the carpet and move onto the cold tile floor. As you turn the shower on and steam fills the room,... Continue Reading →

A humbling moment for me

Almost a year ago, a bodybuilder that I had watched for years started his own supplement line called Java Supps, and the one that I instantly fell in love with was Java Upped!  I have no idea what all is in it, but in short it's a Coffee flavored Pre-Workout that you can add to... Continue Reading →

Sunday Morning coming down hard….

The sunlight streams through the crack in the back door.  The slight breeze gently pushes the dream catcher that hangs over the doors as the sunlight streaming across the feathers mesmerize my brain with the patterns it creates.  The smell of fresh brewed coffee fills the small space that I call home.  My head is... Continue Reading →

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