It was all a dream – The Notorious B.I.G.

The night draws sooner... the mornings have more of a crispness to them.  The leaves begin their majestic painting within the mountains that surround us as the leaves take on the colors of fall.  It's October now, and we all know what that means.  It's pumpkin this, pumpkin that, Ugg boots, sweatshirts, and leggings for... Continue Reading →


A humbling moment for me

Almost a year ago, a bodybuilder that I had watched for years started his own supplement line called Java Supps, and the one that I instantly fell in love with was Java Upped!  I have no idea what all is in it, but in short it's a Coffee flavored Pre-Workout that you can add to... Continue Reading →

Sunday Morning coming down hard….

The sunlight streams through the crack in the back door.  The slight breeze gently pushes the dream catcher that hangs over the doors as the sunlight streaming across the feathers mesmerize my brain with the patterns it creates.  The smell of fresh brewed coffee fills the small space that I call home.  My head is... Continue Reading →

A podcast !? Well yes. I believe we will.

Well… If you were in the Johnson City Tennessee area yesterday and saw our rather large van (aka. Betty White) parked in a random parking lot with two bald, heavily tattooed dudes just sitting beside it with two cameras and an audio recording device…. You weren’t seeing things. One of the goals that we sat... Continue Reading →

Minimalism…. WTF was I thinking

While the ominous 40th day isn't that far away, this last year has defiantly rocked my world in many ways. One of the largest ways is a simple change in my outlook on life as well as what's truly "important" in it and/or what makes us "happy". If you have read my past posts, you... Continue Reading →

Vanlife has changed my life

If you've read any of my previous posts or watched some of my latest YouTube videos, you should already be well aware that I have recently purchased a 2015 Ram Promaster van and began the conversion of building it into a dwelling place for myself. A Home, if you will. The part that some of... Continue Reading →

I can’t stop

We just got back from a trip that took us a few days. As you may or may not know, we had decided to purchase a Ram Promaster van to help us as we grow with our travel situations. On that trip, because it’s us, we took our cameras. Granted we didn’t go all out... Continue Reading →

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